The Essential Training Guide for Young Dragon Fighters, Based Wholly on the Practices of the Great Dragon Slayers of Old and the Wisdom of their Ancient Manual
by Sir Wyvern Pugilist

Kids discover that the message of the Bible is the most exciting and compelling of all.

Teach Scripture, Christian theology, the Trinity—and Jesus himself—through a fun world of Dragons and Dragon Slayers.

Equip kids with the armor and strategies to slay the evil dragons of temptation, fear, and defeat.

What Kids Will Learn

What Kids Will Learn

Dragons Are Everywhere!

Dragons Are Everywhere!

Prepare to engage the snarly and slimy beasts inhabiting our world.

BUT BEWARE: These guidebooks are only for those who are most serious about facing the malicious monsters head-on, and who intend to become bona fide Slayers!

So you want to be a Dragon Slayer, do you?

You’ll definitely need these books to do battle!

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